The Rough & the Holy

The Rough and the Holy is an engaging, honest and emotionally charged one man play discovering the life of Jesus, the "friend of sinners." Memorable characters from throughout the Gospel accounts are brought to life: the blind, the lame, the lost, the Pharisee, the fisherman. No fake beards, no flowing robes. Just the Word of God brought to life in a creative, theatrical and powerful way. Peter, Simeon, Judas, Zacchaeus, a young shepherd, Mary Magdalene and many others all share their stories of who Jesus was to them. Perhaps through them you will see more clearly who Jesus is to you.

"I found myself deeply moved and pleasantly surprised by Jeremiah's presentations. Jeremiah Gamble's sketches give texture and depth to the Bible characters we thought we knew. An evening, or afternoon, for that matter, with Jeremiah Gamble is more than a good use of your time, it's good theater. "
      – Mike Yaconelli, Founder, Youth Specialties

Duration: 35-50 minutes


World Vision