So, a few years back Vanessa and I wrote a musical called The Servant and the Enemy and toured it with our three kids. The show is based on a little story in the Bible from 2nd Kings thatís full of redemptive twists and delightful surprises. Well, weíve turned it into a movie so we could share this beautiful story far and wide! Itís the sort of story that will quite likely make you laugh, cry and and wonder at the beauty of redemption. Itís available for rent, or to purchase through Vimeo. You can watch on your computer, mobile device, or tv using a connected device such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, and more. Here's the link: 

New touring show!
Step Into the Story! with Storyteller Jeremiah Gamble! –  Imaginative and most definitely NOT BORING re-tellings of some of your favorite tales from the Bible where YOU get to be part of the story! Perfect for kids, families and more kids and all families! Looking for some programming for your summer VBS? Or looking for a new way to bring these good, good stories to life for your church family? Email us at info@theaterforthethirsty.com for more info!

3/ 1/ 18
Take our stories home with you!
Go retro and buy Theater for the Thirsty DVDs and CDs! That's right! We've been performing these original shows since the golden age–  before "The Cloud" and such. Each glossy item is guaranteed to spread joy, induce laughter and offer a healthy dose of hope.

Shop now!

8 / 22 / 16
A SHOW with our WHOLE Family!
Yep. This brand new show from Theater for the Thirsty features... the whole Gamble family! That's right, all three of our children will be performing with us! The premiere performance is at Art House North, Friday, Oct. 28th at 7pm. Tickets on sale now at: servantandenemy.brownpapertickets.com
The Servant and the Enemy: a new musical

Now available for booking!

Show Description:
Amma needs a miracle: she's a slave stuck in a foreign land. Naaman, her master, also needs miracle: he's in a losing battle with a devastating disease. A miracle is coming, from the prophet Elisha himself… but for whom? A new musical from Theater for the Thirsty wondering if God really is good… to all

2 / 14 / 16
Til Death
: A Marriage Musical
We had another nearly sold-out run at Art House North. If you missed 'Til Death this time around, be sure to bring your Valentine next year!
Watch the trailer!

11 / 1 / 15
Art that says, "I see you."
Our other theater company, Bucket Brigade, is about telling redemptive stories that compel us, connect us, and create space where we can see each other. Watch our new video and consider supporting redemptive art that says, "I see you."


1 / 1 / 15
We Finally Have a Home!

After fifteen years of traveling and performing, we're settling into our very own theater space!

We're excited to finally have a venue that TFTT fans can come to– to see our redemptive, imaginative brand of theater. Don't get us wrong, we'll still travel and come to YOU, but we're pumped to invite y'all over to our house for a change!

Our home (for our new theater company, Bucket Brigade) is Art House North– a venue for cultivating art and community (founded by our friends, Troy and Sara Groves). We're thrilled to partner with them to bring redemptive art to the West End of Saint Paul.

Find out more at www.bucketbrigadetheater.com

11 / 12 / 14
We've started a new theater company!
Vanessa and I have officially crossed the threshold of “middle-age-dom” (don’t tell anyone). We’re at the mid-point of our story. And in every good story the protagonist doesn’t just give up at the halfway point– they press in and press further into the adventure. And that’s exactly what we want to do.
Watch this video to find out more about The Bucket Brigade!

7 / 1 / 2014
We're back from our fourth Summer Tour! We had a veritable hoot performing and playing throughout the wild, wild west–  climbing mountains, rafting rivers, telling stories, singing songs, roasting marshmallows. Thanks to all the churches who brought us out and the generous folks who opened their home to us. Let's do it again next summer, shall we?

5 / 28 / 14
TFTT Summer Tour!
We're gearing up for another TFTT Summer Tour! Check out our calendar so you can join us for a show in the majestic mountains or the golden great plains of the wild, wild West! Giddy up, TFTT!!

2 / 3 / 2014
'Til Death at the Art House!

Great night at Art House North with copious laughter, many misty eyes and obscenely delicious cupcakes. Thanks to Sara and Troy Groves for hosting, and to our fellow artists Joy and Mike Donley, Wes Mouri, Suzie Juul, Betsy Mills and Megan Johnson for making our art better. And to the standing-room-only-audience for filling the room with laughter!

1 / 1 / 2014
Happy New Year

What a jam-packed year 2013 was! We premiered our new marriage musical "Til Death," we brought back our passion play "Kingdom Undone," we toured the wild west for our summer tour, we sold our house, lived with some friends for a couple months, moved into a new home, wrote a new Christmas show and much much more! Whew. Full of gratitude after a full year.

11 / 1 / 13
The Cubicle

After a successful run at Yellow Tree Theatre, our hit tragic-comedy is ripe and ready for touring! We've even got a version that works great for corporate/office events. Give us a holler and we'll bring The Cubicle to you!

8 / 1 / 13

Summer Tour Success!

A shout out and hearty thank you to all the fine folks who hosted us on our 2013 summer tour! Kearney, NE, Durango, CO, Creede, CO, Arvada, CO, Des Moines, IA and all points in between! What a fantabulous summer. And not to get ahead of ourselves here, but if you want to be a stop on our 2014 western tour give us a holler. We'll be baaaaaack!

4 / 1/ 13
Thank you!

Thank you cast, crew, designers, volunteers and audience members for another memorable run of Kingdom Undone! This story moves and challenges us and we're humbled that others have been deeply impacted by it. So many great conversations and wonderings about life, faith, art and redemption. We're not sure what the next step is… but we do know that we want this story and these conversations to continue.

4 / 1 / 13
Kingdom Undone Production Photos

Our designers crafted a bold, earthy and beautiful show, our director staged it artfully, our musicians imbue it with emotion and these photos capture some of the best moments. Check out these stunning production photos by Guy Magno.

3 / 30/ 13 

Kingdom Undone Trailer

If you missed the show, you can still get a taste by watching this trailer. It's like watching the whole show in 80 seconds. Beautifully shot by videographer Tyler J. Clements.

3 / 28 / 13 
New Review!

Here's a great review of our 2013 production of Kingdom Undone! "...fresh and modern... entertaining and well done... a powerful story." -Cherry and Spoon

12/ 31/ 12
What a Year!

We look back on 2012 with a smile wide with gratitude. One of the highlights of our year was seeing Kingdom Undone become a reality. What a joy to work with incredible artists and see this story come to life to impact a diverse theater audience.

10 / 29 /  12

To everyone who came out to see 'Til Death at Open Window Theatre! It was a fabulously memorable run! Thanks to our crew and volunteers for making this show a reality!

10 / 10 / 12

Reviews for 'Til Death

Preview audiences are weighing in about our newest show:

"Theater for the Thirsty has done it again! Hilarious, yet serious, touching, but not sappy. Your art continues to make me think long and hard after it's over."

"This is going to be a huge hit!"

"Amazing, funny, touching and so true!"

9 / 6 / 12
'Til Death: A Marriage Musical

Don't miss the premiere of our newest show! October 24th-28th at Open Window Theatre in Minnepolis. Synopsis: Ethan and Oliva are stuck– in marital midlife crisis and in a tiny cabin with a honeymooning couple that's perfectly perfect for each other. Will their marriages last... the weekend? A new musical that's ridiculous, heart-wrenching, squirm-inducing and lovely... just like marriage.

4 / 9 / 12
Kingdom Undone 2012

Thanks to the cast, designers, crew and audience of Kingdom Undone! We had an incredible run at the Southern Theater! This show has been a labor of love for us for the past 3+ years, and the premiere production was everything we had hoped it would be! Stay tuned for the next production of Kingdom Undone. This is a story that needs to be told. www.kingdomundone.com

4/ 1 / 12
The Reviews are in!

"This has the potential to become an estimable piece in the Passion literature."
- Graydon Royce, Star Tribune
"Kingdom Undone is a labor of love by artists who really know what they're doing." -Matthew Everett, T.C. Daily Planet
"Remarkably intelligent... a first rate production."
-John Olive, How Was the Show
"Kingdom Undone tackles a big story with solid success."
-Ed Huyck, City Pages

11 / 15 / 11
Watch this video! (& pass it on!)

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at "KIngdom Undone, " our new play that offers a compelling twist on the last days of Judas and Jesus. Watch, share, and help us engage audiences with this important story.

7 / 2 / 11
Summer tour success!

Thanks to all the fine folks who made our summer tour a smashing success! A shout out to all our new friends in Douglas, Estes Park, Durango, Pinetop, Santa Fe and Omaha! We logged over 3,600 miles in 3 1/2 weeks, saw the Badlands, the Rockies, the Grand Canyon and a whole lot in between. If you're intestested in bringing TFTT to your neck of the woods, give us a holler! We're ready for our next adventure...

2 / 23 / 11
Vanessa's one-woman show!

If you're looking for some entertainment to enliven your next women's event... Vanessa's show is thoughtful, silly, and downright spunky. Take a peek at the new trailer for "The Bigger Picture."

11 / 23/10
New Misfit Christmas Trailer

Here's a spiffy new trailer of our Christmas show, A Misfit Christmas. This is our 12th holiday season of performing this musical morsel. Here, have a nibble.

11 / 16 / 10
Brand new Audiobook CD is available!

Your holiday wish came true! Jeremiah’s whimsical, delightable stories are now on CD. “How the Groo Grew (and other troo tales)” will warm the hearts and tickle the tummies (figuratively) of even the Grinchiest, this Christmas. It’s certifiably stocking-sized, so grab some for your loved ones (and relatively liked ones)!

4 / 27 / 10
New Video

Here's a video from our recent trip to Uganda with World Vision.

1 / 28 / 10
Stories from Uganda

Vanessa and I just spent a week in Uganda, Africa with World Vision. The purpose of the trip was to see, firsthand, the work that World Vision is doing in Uganda.The people we met were proud, grateful and filled with hope. They asked us to share their stories, to tell the people in America not to forget them, to help in any way they can. Here are a few of their stories. It is my prayer that their stories won’t fall on deaf ears, hard hearts, or tight purses. Mine included...

11/ 15 / 09
We're in a music video! For real!

Vanessa and I play a married couple (it was a stretch) in a new music video from Sara Groves. It won't take you too long to spot us, cuz, well, we're the only ones in the video. Sara makes great art and this is a great song. It was fun to be a part of this. Check it out.

8 / 4 / 09
Become a fan of TFTT on FACEBOOK!

You, yes YOU can get access to exclusive videos, photos, and whimsical but informative TFTT updates. Just click on this link and it'll whisk you away to the magical world of Facebook. Honestly, though, it's a great way for us to keep everyone posted on upcoming shows, and the newest news. (Like the new "Cubicle" video of our historic "cubicle dance")

6 / 11 / 07
Watch our video from El Salvador!
Here's a brief video about our trip to El Salvador with World Vision. We got to meet one of the children we sponsor. It was an unforgettable trip...

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